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15-Sep-2023Setting decision making in male high- level volleyballNascimento, Marcos Henrique do; Laporta, Lorenzo; Rocha, Augusto Cezar Rodrigues; Lira, Claudio Andre Barbosa de; Campos, Mário Hebling; Pedrosa, Gustavo Ferreira; Guimarães, Juracy da Silva; Clemente, Filipe Manuel; Lima, Ricardo Franco; Leonardi, Thiago José; Rodrigues, Marcelo Couto Jorge; Castro, Henrique de Oliveira; Costa, Gustavo De Conti TeixeiraarticleopenAccess
17-Jul-2022Within-week variations and relationships between Internal and external intensities occurring in male professional volleyball training sessionsLima, Ricardo Franco; González Férnandez, Francisco Tomás; Silva, Ana Filipa; Laporta, Lorenzo; Castro, Henrique de Oliveira; Matos, Sérgio; Badicu, Georgian; Pereira, Gonçalo Arezes; Costa, Gustavo De Conti Teixeira; Clemente, Filipe ManuelarticleopenAccess