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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type???itemlist.dc.rights???
May-2022Adventure sports and nature-based tourism : assessment of canyoning spots in the north region of PortugalCorreia, Alexandra I.; Silva, Goretti; Rachão, SusanaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2022Erasmus mobility as a culture-led experience : opportunities for sensitizing young travellersSilva, Goretti; Correia, Alexandra I.; Fernandes, Carlos; Oliveira, MarianabookPartopenAccess
2022Assessing the potential for tourism development : northern Portugal as a surf destinationSilva, Goretti; Rachão, Susana; Correia, Alexandra I.; Soares, Luís AndrébookPartclosedAccess
2022Gastronomy as local identity : the case of Sarrabulho in the MinhoSilva, Goretti; Correia, Alexandra I.; Fernandes, Carlos; Oliveira, MarianabookPartopenAccess
2014The potential for cooperation between wine and tourism businesses in the provision of tourism experiences : the case of the Douro valley of PortugalCorreia, Alexandra I.; Vaughan, Roger; Edwards, Jonathan; Silva, GorettiarticleopenAccess
2022Outdoor tourism demand segmentation: a case study from north of PortugalScalabrini, Elaine; Correia, Alexandra I.; Nunes, Alcina; Veloso, Cláudia; Vieira, Elvira; Ferreira, Fernanda; Silva, Goretti; Fonseca, Manuel; Carrança, Paulo; Santos, Sónia; Fernandes, Paula OdelearticleopenAccess
2017Propostas para a dinamização e valorização turística da ecopista do Rio MinhoCorreia, Alexandra I.; Costa, Anabela; Silva, Goretti; Melo, CarlaarticleopenAccess
2017The role of children in the family's holidays decision-making processSilva, Goretti; Silva, Patrícia; Melo, Carla; Correia, Alexandra I.articleopenAccess
2021Social media and sustainable tourism marketing : perceptions of owners of leisure-related enterprises operating within Viana do Castelo Littoral Geopark (Northwest Portugal)Correia, Alexandra I.; Sampaio, Hugo A.; Fonseca, Manuel J.; Marinho, Susana; Carvalhido, RicardobookPartclosedAccess
2020Perceived impacts of running events in protected areas : the case of trans Peneda-Gerês at Peneda Gerês National Park, PortugalSilva, Goretti; Correia, Alexandra I.; Vieira, Elvira; Soares, LuísbookPartclosedAccess