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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type???itemlist.dc.rights???
2021Turismo de negócios : reuniões coletivas ou individuais, eis a questão?Carvalho, PedrobookPartopenAccess
2021Study on marketing in restaurants with a presence on the web : the influence of communication and attributes valued by customersCarvalho, Pedro; Mourão, Maria FilipabookPartclosedAccess
2020Tourism-led growth and granger causality : issues on publication biasFonseca, Nino; Sánchez-Rivero, MarcelinobookPartclosedAccess
2022An introduction to meta-regression analysisFonseca, NinobookPartclosedAccess
2021Estimation of a growth rate model for international business tourismCarvalho, Pedro; Márquez, Miguel A.; Díaz-Méndez, MontserratbookPartclosedAccess
2020O destino turístico : um território como uma rede de relacionamentosCarvalho, PedrobookPartopenAccess
2020Determinantes das reuniões associativas internacionais : uma análise de dados em painelCarvalho, PedrobookPartopenAccess
2018Rethinking safety issues within the context of pilgrimage routesFernandes, Carlos; Silva, Goretti; Gómez-Ullate, MartínbookPartclosedAccess
2014Gastronomic events as creative tourism experiencesCardoso, Marta; Silva, GorettibookPartclosedAccess
2022Implementation of an intelligent model based on big data and decision-making using fuzzy logic type-2 for the car assembly industry in an industrial estate in northern MexicoPeinado, José; Ochoa, Alberto; Paiva, SarabookPartclosedAccess