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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type???itemlist.dc.rights???
2021Outdoor tourism in the north of Portugal from the perspective of tourist entertainment companiesMartins, Oliva M. D.; Nunes, Alcina Maria; Vieira, Elvira; Rachão, Susana; Correia, Alexandra I.; Manuel, Fonseca; Silva, Goretti; Santos, Sónia; Veloso, Cláudia Miranda; Ferreira, Fernanda A.; Carrança, Paulo; Fernandes, Paula OdetearticleopenAccess
2022Chemical stability assessment of soft magnetic composites for biomedical applicationsPowjska, Anna; Nieweglowska, Joanna; Suska, Sylvia; Cavadas, Adélio; Mystkowska, JoannaarticleopenAccess
2022The use of a geographic information system to increase outdoor tourismScalabrini, Elaine; Correia, Alexandra I.; Fonseca, Manuel; Nunes, Alina; Veloso, Cláudia Miranda; Vieira, Elvira; Ferreira, Fernanda A.; Silva, Goretti; Carrança, Paulo; Santos, Sónia; Fernandes, Paula OdetearticleopenAccess
11-Jan-2023Influence of wetting-drying cycles on wood behaviour of coastal pedestrian walkwaysLabrincha, António; Delgado, Pedro; Parauta, Helena; Löwenström, Charles V.; Almeida, Joana O.articleopenAccess
Nov-2023Influence of psychosocial risks on the quality of life of employees in a higher education institution : a critical perspectivePereira, Pedro Couto; Mourão, Maria Filipa; Carvalho, PedroarticleopenAccess