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dc.contributor.authorCarvalho, Pedro-
dc.contributor.authorMourão, Maria Filipa-
dc.identifier.citationCarvalho, P. & Mourão, M. F. (2021). Study on marketing in restaurants with a presence on the web: the influence of communication and attributes valued by customers. In O. M. Fagbadebo (Ed.), Modern perspectives in economics, business and management (Vol. 8, pp 52-63). B P International.
dc.description.abstractThe empirical study focused on restaurant companies with web presence in Viana do Castelo, located in Portugal, aiming to understand the influence of communication and attributes valued by customers in the marketing of these companies. In order to complete this study, a questionnaire survey was made and distributed among various restaurant companies and their respective customers. Given the results obtained, it was found that the focus on a good location, the environment and the kind service are paramount attributes to attract new customers, particularly belonging to the female gender group. This will benefit the company's recommendation to new people, since this is how most customers come to the restaurant establishment for the first time. On the other hand, social media and online intermediaries seem to have some relevance in how people know these companies. Therefore, we suggest a greater bet from restaurant companies on the three attributes most valued by customers as well as on social media and online intermediaries, specially oriented towards the female gender group.pt_PT
dc.publisherB P Internationalpt_PT
dc.subjectMarketing strategypt_PT
dc.subjectBusiness strategypt_PT
dc.subjectRestaurant companiespt_PT
dc.subjectWeb presencept_PT
dc.titleStudy on marketing in restaurants with a presence on the web : the influence of communication and attributes valued by customerspt_PT
dc.description.version8316-FD77-85EB | Pedro Miguel Fonseca Moreira de Carvalho-
degois.publication.titleModern perspectives in economics, business and managementpt_PT
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