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Title: Gastronomy as local identity : the case of Sarrabulho in the Minho
Authors: Silva, Goretti
Correia, Alexandra I.
Fernandes, Carlos
Oliveira, Mariana
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Silva, G., Correia, A. I., Fernandes, C. & Oliveira, M. (2022). Gastronomy as local identity: the case of Sarrabulho in the Minho. In M. Engberg, P. Björkroth, & L. Marques (Eds.), Creating cultural understanding through travel: CultSense case collection (pp. 38-44). ATLAS / CultSense Project.
Abstract: This case study focuses on Minho´s gastronomy, particularly the peculiar speciality ‘Sarrabulho’, and how traditional food can simultaneously enable preserving local traditions and allow tourists to have a positive and memorable experience. Local gastronomy and peculiar traditions are not always easily understood by outsiders and foreigners. Therefore, if not to be appreciated, at least to be understood and respected, efforts must be made to explain its origins and to celebrate its role as part of local culture. How can we communicate food culture and gastronomic experiences so they can be better appreciated by tourists/foreigners? How can tourists’ perception of local gastronomy be enhanced? What features should be included in a gastronomic experience? What characteristics determine a gastronomic region? If a region aims to be acknowledged and respected by its gastronomy, conditions must be created to facilitate its perception and enhance tourists’ experience. The case study highlights the relevance of storytelling when communicating culinary traditions and local food, and suggests some initiatives which are believed would improve tourists’ perception of gastronomy.
ISBN: 9789493064072
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