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Title: Sustainable tourism development in Armenia
Authors: Amiryan, Hasmik
Silva, Goretti
Keywords: Sustainable tourism development
Sustainability metric
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Amiryan, H., & Silva, G. (2013). Sustainable tourism development in Armenia [Special number]. International Journal of Management Cases, 15(4), 153-169.
Abstract: In the last two decades sustainability has become a central matter in tourism, giving rise to more proactive development strategies from destination management organizations, to more responsible attitudes from the tourism industry, as well as increased awareness and concerns from consumers, particularly in developed countries. However, in developing countries, sustainability with regard to tourism is still an emerging issue. This paper addresses the process of sustainable tourism assessment in developing countries, namely which indicators can be put into practice in order to help tourism organizations and tourism businesses to meet sustainability requirements and to gain the confidence of tourism markets. Results of the research will be summarized in order to identify the set of indicators to measure and monitor tourism sustainable development that can be applied to developing countries, with a special reference to Armenia.
ISSN: 1741-6264
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