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Title: Theoretical simulation of different 3D separator geometries for lithium-ion batteries
Authors: Miranda, D.
Gonçalves, R.
Miranda, Francisco
Almeida, A. M.
Costa, C. M.
Lanceros-Mendez, S.
Keywords: Separator
Lithium ion battery
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Miranda, D., Gonçalves, R., Miranda, F., Almeida, A. M., Costa, C. M., & Lanceros-Méndez, S. (2020). Theoretical simulation of different 3D separator geometries for lithium-ion batteries. AIP Conference Proceedings, 2293. hpps://
Abstract: The battery separator is an essential component of battenes and affects their cycling performance. In this work. the effect of different 3D geometnes of the battery separator on battery performance was studied keeping the same volume. It was observed that the different geometries affect the cycling performance, the best geometry being the perforated one that cycled up to 90 C. The cycling performance is affected by parameters such as the separator thickness and the electrolyte volume Through the control of the battery separator geometry it is possible to obtain high performance lithium-ion batteries.
ISSN: 15517616 0094243X
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