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Title: Academic performance of 9th graders on Spatial Geometry: impact of personal and contextual variables
Other Titles: Desempenho académico de alunos de 9º ano na Geometria Espacial: impacto de variáveis pessoal e de contexto
Authors: Brito, Luciana
Almeida, Leandro Silva
Osório, António José
Keywords: Spatial Geometry
Spatial reasoning
Mechanical reasoning
Causal attributions
Geometria espacial
Raciocínio espacial
Raciocínio mecânico
Atribuições causais
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Brito, L., Almeida, L. S., & Osório, A. J. (2001). Academic performance of 9th graders on Spatial Geometry: Impact of personal and contextual variables. Bolema: Boletim de Educação Matemática, 35(70), 690–707.
Abstract: This article presents and discusses results from a study investigating the quality of Spatial Geometry academic performance of 9th grade students when they are about to be exposed to more complex concepts, geometric solids, and related problems in curricular learning experiences. Participants were Portuguese public school students. We also collected information about previous mathematics grades and mother’s schooling. A geometry test, a causal attribution to a school achievement test, and two reasoning tests – spatial and mechanical – were applied, and all collected data was statistically analysed and interpreted. To address the different nature of variables, we conducted a hierarchical linear regression. Results suggest that nearly 41% of variance on Spatial Geometry academic performance can be explained by the personal and contextual variables studied. The recommendation to schoolteachers involves designing learning experiences that engage students in spatial reasoning and high-order thinking skills.
ISSN: 1980-4415
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