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Title: Guiding principles of materials selection for product designers
Authors: Félix, Maria João
Ferreira, Pedro
Santos, Gilberto
Simões, Ricardo
Martins, João
Keywords: Materials selection
Material properties databases
Product design
Issue Date: 4-Sep-2019
Publisher: Società Editrice Esculapio s.r.l.
Citation: Félix, M. J., Ferreira, P., Santos, G., Simões, R., & Martins, J. (2019). Guiding principles of materials selection for product designers. In D. Croccolo, J. F. Silva Gomes., & S. A. Meguid (Eds.), M2D 2019: Mechanics and Materials in Design : 8th International Conference on Mechanics and Materials Design, September 4-6, Italy (pp. 191-192). Società Editrice Esculapio s.r.l..ISBN 978-88-9385-155-8
Abstract: This work intends to analyze the importance of the materials selection process for the development of a new product. The aspects that influence the selection of materials in the Design process are due to the fact that these collaborate in the materialization of a project, stimulating a better interaction in the utilization of the products and consequently in the improvement of the people’s quality of life. The strategic use of a material is one the most influential means designers have to communicate and create emotional connections with its users; however, the materials classification in simple and definitive categories is complex, due to the diversity of options available in the market. This study can provide a significant contribution to the field of the product Design. As such, the general objectives of this work are to identify, analyze and understand the importance of the selection of materials in the development of a new product.
ISBN: 978-88-9385-155-8
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