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Title: Contactless smart screening in nursing homes : an IoT-enabled solution for the COVID-19 era
Authors: Lopes, Sérgio I.
Pinho, Pedro
Marques, Paulo
Abreu, Carlos
Carvalho, Nuno B.
Ferreira, José
Keywords: COVID-19
Vital signs
Doppler radar
IR imaging
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2021
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Lopes. S. I., Pinho, P., Marques, P., Abreu, C., Carvalho, N. B., & Ferreira, J. (2021). Contactless smart screening in nursing homes: an IoT-enabled solution for the COVID-19 era. In 17th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob), Virtual, 11-13 October, 2021, (pp. 145-150). IEEE.
Abstract: In the COVID-19 era, the provision of health indicators seamlessly and without contact, in groups at risk such as the elderly, is crucial due to the fast spread of the disease and the need to act quickly to contain its evolution. Continuous monitoring of vital signs, such as body temperature and cardio-respiratory rates, can be vital in early detection and prediction of COVID-19, which rapidly progresses and particularly affects the elderly population in nursing homes. Conventional clinical methods used for monitoring vital signs are contact-based, require contact sensors that need to be precisely attached by a trained health professional, are less convenient for repeatable measurements, and not practical for long-term monitoring. On the other hand, contactless vital signs monitoring using radar-based techniques, or IR-thermal imaging, do not require the attachment of physical electrodes and can be of great value in health screening of patients and help health professionals in early detection of the COVID-19 in the elderly population, in the specific context of nursing houses. This work describes the design and specification of a low-cost contactless health screening system for nursing homes, and includes the design of an IoT Edge device that can be placed above the beds where patients rest, allowing the continuous acquisition of health information and its processing without any type of contact and invasiveness.
ISBN: 978-166542854-5
ISSN: 2161-9646
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