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Title: Assessment of RC hollow-piers for seismic limit state of damage - Direct repair costs
Authors: Delgado, Pedro
Silva, Naiara
Marques, Mário
Arêde, António
Keywords: Repair cost
Shear limit state damage
RC hollow-piers
Non-linear cyclic behavior
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: National Technical University of Athens
Citation: Delgado, P., Silva, N., Marques, M., & Arêde, A. (2021). Assessment of RC hollow-piers for sismic limit state of damage - Direct repair costs. In M. Papadrakakis, & M. Fragiadakis (Eds.), COMPDYN 2021: Proceedings of the 8 th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, June 28-30, 2021, Greece (vol. II, pp. 2185-2194). National Technical University of Athens.
Abstract: Due to the vulnerability of reinforced concrete hollow piers subjected to seismic actions, it becomes urgent to assess the expected shear damage and its evolution with the increase of the intensity level. Additionally, the focus of the scientific research dedicated to seismic behaviour of these elements is still reduced, in particular with regard to the limit states of damage and to the economic consequences of repairing and retrofitting the physical damages existing in RC hollow piers subjected to the seismic action. This information is deemed crucial when cost-benefit analysis is concerned for the definition of measures for repair and retrofit of seismic damage. This paper focus on the issue of damage to hollow piers due to the seismic action, proposing a methodology to characterize the limit states of damage under the perspective of the physical behaviour. It also intends to discuss adequate strengthening strategies and their direct costs, associated with each seismic physical limit state of damage. An extensive review of numerous cyclic experimental works on RC hollow piers will be performed, and in liaise with specialized construction companies, the direct repair costs will be estimated.
ISSN: 2623-3347
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