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Title: Secure services integration and edge computing for effective beekeeping
Authors: Ferreira, Luís
Lopes, Hugo
Abreu, Carlos
Cruz-Cunha, Manuela
Mateus-Coelho, Nuno
Keywords: Business integration
Federated social network
Cloud computing
Internet of Things (IoT)
Edge computing
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2021
Citation: Ferreira, L., Lopes, H., Abreu, C., Cruz-Cunha, M., & Meteus-Coelho, N. (2021). Secure services integration and edge computing for effective beekeeping. ARIS2 - Advanced Research on Information Systems Security, 1(1), 62-79.
Abstract: Many of the issues that require resolution are not easy to mitigate just from the technology perspective. The ancestral learned logic of processes, the people traditions, and many other variants define inner contexts that make the adhesion and efficient use of information technologies a delicate process. The enormous geographical dispersion of the beekeeping economic activity, the mostly amateur profile of beekeepers, and the specificity in the traditional way as the activity is managed, compromises the applicability of integrative measures based on ICTE. Efficient and integrated management of a no-professionalized economic activity depends on two basic principles: i) the existence of effective tools capable of managing that activity and its synergies with other related activities, and ii) an infrastructure (technological, procedural, legal) that supports services properly profiled for any actor in that activity. This paper describes the work-in-process sBee - Smart Beekeeping, an applied research project that sought to integrate emerging technologies on the innovative management of critical issues that beekeeping needs to overcome. Electronic devices, Internet-of-things, advanced management algorithms, and innovative visualization services were explored. The global system architecture, its supporting services, and the communication infrastructure are here described. The integration of both internet-of-things and communications services, with the common beekeeping’s management tasks, levered a proposal for improving this activity to become more effective. Furthermore, an advanced technological supporting platform was created and experimented, prepared for further developments, on mitigating emergent challenges that the digitization promotes, namely the security and traceability on food and related agriculture value-chains, as well as on the predictive and intelligent perception of current and future scenarios.
ISSN: 2795-4560
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