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Title: Manufacturing and testing of 3D-printed polymer isogrid lattice cylindrical shell structures
Authors: Vasques, César
Gonçalves, Fernando C.
Cavadas, Adélio
T. Kobayashi
N. Cennamo
Keywords: Isogrid
Cylindrical shell
Polymer structures
Additive manufacturing
Fused deposition modeling
3D printing
Local buckling
Issue Date: 15-Oct-2021
Citation: Vasques, C. M. A., Gonçalves, F. C., & Cavadas, A. M. S. (2021). Manufacturing and testing of 3D-printed polymer isogrid lattice cylindrical shell structures. Engineering Proceedings, 11(1), Artigo e47.
Abstract: This article focuses on the use of fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology to manufacture and test polymer isogrid lattice cylindrical shell (LCS) structures with equilateral triangular unit-cells using non-professional and conventional 3D printing software and hardware. A parametric and automated 3D model for these structures is created in SolidWorks using the Visual Basic (VBA) programming language. Different configurations of the isogrid LCS structure are modeled, manufactured, and tested in order to determine the compressive structural strength and stiffness, as well as to investigate structural instability. The experimental results are used to deduce the inherent limitations of 3D printing, including the inhomogeneities, imperfections, and non-isotropic nature of FDM, as well as the effect of the configurations on local buckling behavior. The results suggest that coupling between local and global buckling has an impact on the compressive stiffness and strength of LCS structures, reducing the accuracy of structural designs neglecting these effects.
ISSN: 2673-4591
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