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Title: Electrical conductivity of Y-doped CGO based materials sintered by hot press
Authors: Ramasamy, Devaraj
Gomes, Eduarda
Labrincha, António
Abrantes, João
Keywords: SOFC
Hot press
Electrical conductivity
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: National Hydrogen Association
Citation: Ramasamy, D., Gomes, E., Ferreira, A. A. L., & Abrantes, J. C. C. (2022). Electrical conductivity of Y-doped CGO based materials sintered by hot press. In I. Dincer, C. O. Çolpan, & M. A. Ezan (Eds.), Proceedings of WHEC-2022: 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference, June 26-30, 2022, Turkey (pp. 845-847). National Hydrogen Association.
Abstract: Commercial ceria–gadolinia powders were used to prepare dense CGO (5 mol% Gd) samples, by hot press method at relatively low temperature (1000°C). To study the effect of post-sintering, further the as-sintered bodies were subjected into different thermal treatments 1100oC-1400oC. The sintered samples were characterized by impedance spectroscopy as a function of temperature in air, in order to identify each microstructural contribution to the overall electrical behaviour. Scanning electron microscopy shows that the increase in the temperature of thermal treatment leads to grain growth. Electrical properties were studied with different oxygen partial pressuresand ion blocking methods. Y2O3 (5 wt%) additions were used to seek the grain boundaries heterogeneities effectsin CGO material, prepared by hot press and subjected into post sintering thermal treatments. Electrical conductivities of CGO samples were analysed with and without Y2O3 additions.
ISBN: 978-625-00-0843-0
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