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Title: Occupational health: physical activity, musculoskeletal symptoms and quality of life in computer workers: a narrative review
Authors: Moreira, Sara
Begoña Criado, Maria
Santos, Paula Clara
Ferreira, Salomé
Gonçalves, Carla
Machado, Jorge
Keywords: Quality of life
Occupational health
Musculoskeletal symptoms
Pphysical activity level
Computer workers
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2022
Citation: Moreira, S., Criado, M. B., Santos, P. C., Ferreira,S., Goncalves, C., & Machado, J. (2022). Occupational health: physical activity, musculoskeletal symptoms and quality of life in computer workers: a narrative review. Healthcare, 10(12).
Abstract: Computer work has assumed a very important role for many companies, but specific occupational and health symptoms associated with the use of computers can appear. According to the literature, physical activity is considered a key player in the prevention and control of work-related musculoskeletal symptoms, contributing to a better quality of life in computer workers. The principal aims of this review are to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship among sedentary behavior, physical activity and quality of life of computer workers; to outline the importance of promoting the development of an educational program for Occupational Health directed at computer workers at the level of quality of life, musculoskeletal symptoms, and physical activity; and to call for attention to the factors needed to initiate and maintain a health program that involves the active participation of workers who must be concerned about their health. This review demonstrates the important role of workplaces in health promotion and the opportunities that workplaces provide to establish and continue successful health-promotion programs for computer workers, generating important benefits for the health and quality of life of individuals and groups.
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