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Title: Corncob as carbon source in the production of xanthan gum in different strains Xanthomonas sp.
Authors: Jesus, Meirielly
Mata, Fernando
Batista, Rejane A.
Ruzene, Denise S.
Albuquerque-Júnior, Ricardo
Cardoso, Juliana C.
Vaz-Velho, Manuela
Pires, Preciosa
Padilha, Francine F.
Silva, Daniel P.
Keywords: Xanthomonas campestris
Hemicellulose fraction
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2023
Citation: Jesus, M., Mata, F., Batista, R. A., Ruzene, D. S., Albuquerque-Junior, R., Cardoso, J. C., Vaz-Velho, M., Pires, P., Padilha, F. F., & Silva, D. P. (2023). Corncob as carbon source in the production of xanthan gum in different strains Xanthomonas sp.. Sustainability, 15(3), Artigo e2287.
Abstract: Xanthan gum (XG) is a biopolymer obtained in fermentation and used as a rheology control agent in aqueous systems and in stabilizing emulsions and suspensions. XG, together with other polysaccharides, can form soft, cohesive composite gels. The carbon source in the fermentative process is responsible for one-third of the production costs, and the search for less expensive and sustainable alternatives is ongoing. The use of agricultural residues such as the corncob is highly suggestive due to their abundance. This study aims to evaluate the use of derived hemicellulose fractions from the alkaline extraction of corncob as a carbon source in the production of XG in trials using four strains of Xanthomonas sp. (629, 1078, 254, and S6). The results indicate that strain 629 provides the higher yield (8.37 ± 5.75 g L−1) while using a fermentation medium containing a carbon source of saccharose (1.25%), hemicellulose fractions (3.75%), and salts. In this same medium, the strain 629 produces gum in 3% aqueous solution, showing the higher apparent viscosity (9298 ± 31 mPa s−1) at a shear rate of 10 s−1 at 25 °C. In conclusion, corncob is proven to be a promising sustainable alternative carbon source in the obtention of XG, improving the economic viability of the process within a biorefinery context. Saccharose must, however, also be included in the fermentation medium.
ISSN: 2071-1050
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