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Title: Gastronomic experiences on tourist's life satisfaction and happiness: the case of Porto
Authors: Rodrigues, Paula
Borges, Ana Pinto
Vieira, Elvira
Keywords: Gastronomic/food experience
Life satisfaction
Destination branding
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Rodrigues, P., Borges, A. P., & Vieira, E. (2023). Gastronomic experiences on tourist's life satisfaction and happiness: the case of Porto. European Journal of Tourism Research, 34, Artigo e3412.
Abstract: The tourists' gastronomic experiences are important in developing a destination branding strategy, especially if this translates into greater happiness and tourists' life satisfaction. We intend to study the influence of five gastronomic/food experience variables on the tourists’ life satisfaction and happiness. After inquiring 352 tourists in Porto, the data were analysed through SEM and SPSS/AMOS software. The results validate the hypotheses concerning refreshment and hedonic/novelty experiences, which improve tourists’ satisfaction and happiness. The adverse experiences reduce the tourists' happiness, and lastly, tourists' life satisfaction with the gastronomic/food experience improves their happiness. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.
ISSN: 1994-7658
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