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Title: Data analysis in content marketing strategies
Authors: Costa, Carla Regina
Garcia, Jorge
Fonseca, Manuel
Teixeira, Andreia
Keywords: Content marketing
Content production
Data analysis
Digital marketing
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Costa, C. R., Garcia, J. E., Fonseca, M. J. S., & Teixeira, A. (2021). Data analysis in content marketing strategies. In A. Rocha, R. Gonçalves, F. Garcia Peñalvo, & J. Martins (Eds.), 16th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI 2021, 23-26 june, 2021, Chaves, Portugal (pp. 1-6). IEEE.
Abstract: Recently, the importance of data analysis for content marketing has become apparent. However, only a few companies use data as a source of knowledge to enrich their strategies. The application of data analysis in the development of content marketing strategies is still at an early stage of research and still little explored in the business context. However, given the research results analysed, it is a promising and differentiating area for the success of content marketing strategies. In this paper, the main existing approaches related to this theme were analysed and an empirical study was developed through a case study in a company, with the aim of optimising the content production for its blog, regarding digital marketing, using the data analysis provided by the company's software. The study was carried out following an exploratory and qualitative methodology, using content analysis as the main technique for data collection. The results obtained after this work have made it possible to verify and demonstrate the positive contribution of data analysis to the development of content marketing strategies.
ISBN: 978-989-54659-1-0
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