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Title: Gamification strategies for social media
Authors: Garcia, Jorge
Rodrigues, Pedro
Simões, Jorge
Fonseca, Manuel
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: IGI Global
Citation: Garcia, J. E., Rodrigues, P., Simões, J., & Fonseca, M. J. S. (2022). Gamification strategies for social media. In J. Remondes, & S. Teixeira (Eds.), Implementing Automation Initiatives in Companies to Create Better-Connected Experiences (pp. 137-159). IGI Global.
Abstract: With the evolution of technology and all the associated paradigms, the business reality had the need to adapt and incorporate all this evolution. Gamification strategies in social networks are used to optimize the use and involvement of users. Thus, in a business context, these strategies are used to increase user engagement in the company/brand’s social networks with the aim of increasing and strengthening trust. This chapter’s main objectives are to understand if internet users and social media users know the term gamification and if the associated strategies are perceptible in the social media context. Therefore, to better analyze the users’ behavior regarding these strategies and their knowledge about gamification, an online survey was developed and applied. After the survey, it was possible to conclude that 16.3% of the respondents already knew the term gamification. Through the survey it was also possible to conclude that most respondents had already been in contact with gamification strategies, even if 90.6% did not adhere to them frequently.
ISBN: 1-6684-5538-8
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