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Title: Educação e produtividade na Euroregiao Galiza-Norte de Portugal, 1995-2002
Authors: Vieira, Elvira
Moreira, Maria Cristina
Pereira, Orlando P.
Keywords: Education
Gross value added (GVA)
Labour productivity
North of Portugal
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Vieira, E. P., Moreira, M. C., & Pereira, O. P. (2006). Educação e produtividade na Euroregiao Galiza-Norte de Portugal, 1995-2002. Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies, 6(2), 1258-145.
Abstract: The progress, the growth and the development are concepts related to the intrinsic qualities of the existing productive factors, either in the regional or national perspective. Therefore, the theory of the human capital launches the idea that low levels of scholarship do not show great profits per capita, nor glimpses significant incremental improvements in the performance of the people. In this study it is analyzed the school qualifications of the active population by sector of economic activity and the gross value added of the Euroregion Galiza - North of Portugal. With particular incidence, labour productivity index are focussed, in an input-output analysis perspective of the productive process, during 1995-2002 period.
ISSN: 1578-4460
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