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Title: Concept of older person autonomy: phenomenological study of the opinion of specialist nurses
Authors: Lima, Andreia Maria Novo
Martins, Maria Manuela Ferreira da Silva
Ferreira, Salomé
Fernandes, Carla Sílvia
Schoeller, Soraia Dornelles
Coelho, Adriana Raquel Neves
Parola, Vítor Sérgio Oliveira
Keywords: Personal autonomy
Concept formation
Qualitative research
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2022
Citation: Lima, A. M. N., Martins, M. M. F.S., Ferreira, M. S. M., Fernandes, C. S., Schoeller, S. D., Coelho, A. R. N., & Parola, V. S. O. (2022). Concept of older person autonomy: phenomenological study of the opinion of specialist nurses. Porto Biomedical Journal, 7(6), e178.
Abstract: Background: The concept of autonomy is composed of several components, making it a multidimensional concept. This includes cognitive ability, intellectual ability, emotional intelligence, social situation, and physical ability skills. This study aimed to describe the experiences attributed to the meaning of the concept of autonomy, by specialist nurses. Methods: A descriptive phenomenological study was carried out, according to the Giorgi method. Eighteen nurses were recruited at a hospital in Portugal. Data were collected through individual interviews. Results: The 18 specialist nurses work on average as nurses for 16years and are specialist nurses; for an average of 5.9years, most are specialist nurses in rehabilitation nursing. From the data analysis, six themes emerged: ability to do, ability to resolve, decision ability, cognitive ability, social integration, and emotional intelligence. Conclusions: Most professionals perceive the concept as the ability to perform activities of daily living and the ability to make decisions, especially concerning informed consent. It is necessary to raise awareness of the breadth of this concept since the quality of life and dignity of the elderly person depends on autonomy.
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