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Title: Nurse-Led approaches to lowering alcohol use among adolescents: study findings
Authors: Moreira, Maria Teresa
Lima, Andreia Maria Novo
Fernandes, Carla Sílvia
Pereira, Ariana
Lemos, Dulce
Pereira, Lúcia
Delgado, Raquel
Rodrigues, Sandra
Sampaio, Francisco Miguel Correia
Keywords: Alcohol
Brief interventions
FRAMES method
Issue Date: 25-Mar-2024
Citation: Moreira, M. T., Lima, A., Fernandes, C. S., Pereira, A., Lemos, D., Pereira, L., Delgado, R., Rodrigues, S., & Sampaio, F. (2024). Nurse-led approaches to lowering alcohol use among adolescents: study findings. Nursing Reports, 14(2), 707–718.
Abstract: Abstract: This study delves into how motivational sessions and brief interventions impact students’ alcohol consumption, highlighting the vital role of nurses in fostering positive behavioural changes. The study aims to discern the effects of these interventions, starting with a pre-and post-intervention setup involving 62 students from a private school in northern Portugal. The intervention comprised a session delivered by school and mental health nurses, utilizing the motivational intervention and FRAMES method and a poster offering feedback on alcohol consumption scores. The results indicated that females tended to drink for fewer days and engage in less binge drinking than males. Furthermore, the intervention hinted at a reduction in the number of heavy drinking days. This study underscores the importance of including healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, in delivering brief interventions within school settings. The findings carry weight for crafting evidence-based interventions to cultivate healthier adolescent behaviours and enhance overall well-being.
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