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2022Accessible surf destinations : the case of Viana do Castelo, PortugalSilva, Goretti; Rachão, Susana; Correia, Alexandra I.conferenceObjectclosedAccess
May-2022Adventure sports and nature-based tourism : assessment of canyoning spots in the north region of PortugalCorreia, Alexandra I.; Silva, Goretti; Rachão, SusanaconferenceObjectopenAccess
15-Jul-2019An economic and financial analysis of tourism firms operating in outdoor tourismSantos, Eleonora; Correia, Alexandra I.; Veloso, Cláudia Miranda; Silva, GoretticonferenceObjectopenAccess
2022Assessing the potential for tourism development : northern Portugal as a surf destinationSilva, Goretti; Rachão, Susana; Correia, Alexandra I.; Soares, Luís AndrébookPartclosedAccess
May-2021Assessing trails and potential for hiking tourism in northern PortugalSilva, Goretti; Rachão, Susana; Correia, Alexandra I.conferenceObjectclosedAccess
2019Challenges and opportunities of the adoption of collaborative, multidisciplinary, project-based approaches : the case of NMSPCam projectFaria, Pedro Miguel; Silva, Goretti; Araújo, Isabel; Moreira, Pedro MiguelconferenceObjectopenAccess
2019A conceptual model for assessing the level of development of pilgrimage routesAmbrósio, Vitor; Fernandes, Carlos; Silva, Goretti; Cabral, AdíliaarticleopenAccess
Jun-2018Corporate social responsibility: a new mission for HEI´sSantos, Joana; Ferreira-Oliveira, Ana Teresa; Silva, Goretti; Paiva, SaraconferenceObjectclosedAccess
Jun-2018Designing student centered learning methodologies in applied sciences engineering educationRibeiro, Jorge; Silva, Goretti; Santos, Joana; Rauch, Maria JoãoconferenceObjectclosedAccess
7-Jul-2014Ecopista do Rio Minho: proposta para a sua dinamização turísticaCosta, Anabela da RochamasterThesisopenAccess
2022Erasmus mobility as a culture-led experience : opportunities for sensitizing young travellersSilva, Goretti; Correia, Alexandra I.; Fernandes, Carlos; Oliveira, MarianabookPartopenAccess
22-Mar-2023Gastronomia e vinhos - instrumentos para a comunicação dos destinos turísticos: o caso da região MinhoAlmeida, Luís Filipe RibeiromasterThesisopenAccess
2014Gastronomic events as creative tourism experiencesCardoso, Marta; Silva, GorettibookPartclosedAccess
25-May-2014Gastronomic events as creative tourism experiences: the national gastronomy festival, SantarémCardoso, Marta dos SantosmasterThesisopenAccess
2022Gastronomy as local identity : the case of Sarrabulho in the MinhoSilva, Goretti; Correia, Alexandra I.; Fernandes, Carlos; Oliveira, MarianabookPartopenAccess
May-2022Measuring measuring social tourism sustainability in Porto municipality : the views of residentsSilva, Goretti; Pardo, Maria Carmen; Rocha, InêsconferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Measuring nature tourism firms' productivityCorreia, Alexandra I.; Ferreira, Fernanda A.; Nunes, Alcina Maria; Veloso, Cláudia Miranda; Vieira, Elvira; Silva, Goretti; Fonseca, Manuel; Carrança, Paulo; Fernandes, Paula OdeteconferenceObjectopenAccess
30-Jun-2021A methodology for the identification and assessment of the conditions for the practice of outdoor and sport tourism-related activities: the case of northern PortugalSilva, Goretti; Correia, Alexandra I.; Rachão, Susana; Nunes, Alcina; Vieira, Elvira; Santos, Sónia; Soares, Luís; Fonseca, Manuel; Ferreira, Fernanda A.; Veloso, Cláudia Miranda; Carrança, Paulo; Fernandes, Paula OdetearticleopenAccess
2005A motivação dos alunos de turismo para a mobilidade no âmbito do Programa Sócrates/ErasmusSilva, Goretti; Correia, Alexandra I.; Fernandes, CarlosarticleclosedAccess
2003Oportunidades e constrangimentos ao desenvolvimento do turismo ruralSilva, Goretti; Edwards, Jonathan; Vaughn, RogerbookPartopenAccess