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Title: Lateral tests on a two-story CLT house
Authors: Branco, Jorge M.
Matos, Filipe T.
Lourenço, Paulo B.
Demschner, Thomas
Rocha, Patrício
Keywords: Cross laminated timber
Seismic design
Full-scale tests
Eurocode 8
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE)
Citation: Branco, J. M., Matos, F. T., Lourenço, P. B., Demschner, T. & Rocha, P. (2019). Lateral tests on a two-story CLT house. In ABSE Symposium 2019 Guimarães Towards a Resilient Built Environment - Risk and Asset Management March 27-29, 2019, Guimarães, Portugal (pp. 967-977).
Abstract: A two storey full-scale model of a CLT house, of 4.5 m x 9.1 m in-plane, with a height of 5.04 m, was tested under quasi-static monotonic (pushover). The main objectives were to investigate the 3-D system performance of a CLT structure subjected to lateral loads in terms of lateral strength and deformability capacity, global behaviour of the structure, frequency response of the structure, performance of connectors (mainly hold-downs and angle-brackets) and connections between CLT panels. Lateral loads have been applied on the storeys inducing torsion to the building. Loading procedure, number and disposition of connectors varied between tests. With this campaign it is intended to obtain results on: i) load-deformation response of a 3-D CLT structure subjected to lateral loads; ii) global response of the structure, focusing on the performance of CLT slabs subjected to in-plane loads, performance of parallel and perpendicular walls, and response of the structure near openings; iii) failure mechanisms and on the performance of connections between CLT panels and connectors. The outcomes of the full-scale CLT house tests will be used for further analytical and numerical analyses to help implement the new generation of Eurocode 8.
Description: Artigo em ata de conferência
ISBN: 9783857481635
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