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Title: Sedentary behaviour impairs skeletal muscle repair modulating the inflammatory response
Authors: Teixeira, Eduardo
Garcia, Juliana
Bovolini, António
Carvalho, Ana
Pacheco, Júlio
Duarte, José A.
Keywords: Rats
Physical conditioning
Motor activity
Issue Date: 27-Sep-2022
Citation: Teixeira, E., Garcia, J., Bovolini, A., Carvalho, A., Pacheco, J. & Duarte, J.A.(2022). Sedentary behaviour impairs skeletal muscle repair modulating the inflammatory response. Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology, 7(4). Doi: 10.3390/jfmk7040076
Abstract: This study investigated whether sedentary behaviour modulates skeletal-muscle repair and tissue inflammatory response after cardiotoxin (CTX)-induced injury. Singly caged rats spent 8 weeks either as a sedentary group (SED, n = 15) or as a control group (EX, n = 15)—caged with running wheels for voluntary running. All rats had each tibial anterior muscle infused either with CTX (CTX; right muscle) or saline solution (Sham; left muscle) and were sacrificed (n = 5 per group) on the 1st, 7th, and 15th day post-injection (dpi). Histological and immunohistochemical analyses were used to calculate myotube percentage and fibrosis accretion, and quantify the number of neutrophils and M1 and M2 macrophage subtypes. The SED group showed an increased number of both neutrophils and M1 macrophages (7th and 15th dpi) compared to the EX group (p < 0.01). The EX group showed an increased number of M2 macrophages on the 1st dpi. On the 7th dpi, the SED group showed a lower myotube percentage compared to the EX group (p < 0.01) and on the 15th dpi showed only 54% of normal undamaged fibres compared to 90% from the EX group (p < 0.01). The SED group showed increased fibrosis on both the 7th and 15th dpi. Our results show that sedentary behaviour affects the inflammatory response, enhancing and prolonging the Th1 phase, and delays and impairs the SMR process.
ISSN: 2411-5142
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