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dc.contributor.authorAraujo, Alfredo O.-
dc.contributor.authorCancela, Jose M.-
dc.contributor.authorBezerra, Pedro-
dc.contributor.authorChaves, César-
dc.contributor.authorRodrigues, Luis Paulo-
dc.identifier.citationAraujo, A. O., Cancela, J.M., Bezerra, P., Chaves, C., Rodrigues, L.P.(2020). Age-related influences on somatic and physical fitness of elite police agents (Influencias de la edad en la aptitud física y somática de los agentes de policía de élite). Retos, 40, 281-288. Doi: 10.47197/retos.v1i40.82910pt_PT
dc.identifier.issn1988-2041 (online)-
dc.description.abstractBackground: Elite police officers must be physically fit to perform their job occupational demands but information on the effect of age in their physical fitness and somatic composition is scarce. Our aim is to describe the effect of age on somatic and physical fitness of a Special Police Unit (SPU); and to understand age-related changes. Methods: 117 SPU elements of a total of 218, aged 42.6±4.2 years, were assessed on their somatic (height, weight, circumferences, skinfolds); body composition (BMI, body fat); and physical fitness (maximal, power and endurance strength, aerobic power, and flexibility). T-tests were used for comparing results to other police studies. Regression analysis was used to detect the effect of age for somatic and fitness variable. Results: SPU elements showed a homogeneous and suitable fitness condition. No somatic differences were found along age, but annual age losses were found for physical fitness, namely for strength: left handgrip strength (95%CI -0.70 to -0.12), bench press (95%CI -2.34 to -0.89), squat jump (95%CI -0.70 to -0.12), medicinal ball throw (95%CI -0.62 to -0.25), push-ups (95%CI -1.64 to -0.66), pull-ups (95%CI -0.53 to -0.11), sit-ups (95%CI -1.33 to -0.27), but also on the VO2max (-0.535 to -0.115). Conclusions: Portuguese SPU elements showed a good somatic and physical fitness condition according to the requirements of their profession. Regardless the effect of age they were able to maintain a good somatic fitness and a very good aerobic power along the years. The loss of strength was the most associated with age.pt_PT
dc.publisherFederacion Espanola de Docentes de Educacion Fisicapt_PT
dc.subjectLaw enforcementpt_PT
dc.subjectPhysical endurancept_PT
dc.titleAge-related influences on somatic and physical fitness of elite police agents (Influencias de la edad en la aptitud física y somática de los agentes de policía de élite)pt_PT
dc.description.version4811-99FE-2ECD | Luis Paulo Rodrigues-
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