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Title: A conceptual approach to the tourist value co-creation: dimensions, antecedents and consequences
Authors: Carvalho, Pedro
Díaz-Méndez, Montserrat
Quero-Gervilla, María J.
Saren, Michael
Keywords: Customer co-creation
Value co-creation
Service dominant-logic
Tourism marketing
Literature review
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Carvalho, P. M., Díaz-Méndez, M., Quero-Gervilha, M. J., & Saren, M. (2023). A conceptual approach to the tourist value co-creation: dimensions, antecedents and consequences. European Journal of Tourism Researh, 34, Artigo e3407.
Abstract: In the last decades, several studies related to the Service-Dominant Logic approach were carried out, where the tourism industry is not an exception. As such, multiple works associated with this research stream have been developed, with a special focus on the tourist value co-creation. This article presents a conceptual model that aims to aggregate the various dimensions of customer value co-creation with its antecedent and consequent factors in the tourism industry. On the other hand, it proposes practical implications for the tourist organizations building on conceptual contributions. Thus, this article reveals the importance of other constructs of tourist value cocreation which surpass the behavioral dimension of the customer, namely, attitude, significance and recognition. Furthermore, this study systematizes the multiplicity of antecedent and consequent factors, recognizing that they may be grouped into factors associated to the company as well as to the customer.
ISSN: 1314-0817
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