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Title: Molecular detection of human pathogenic gastric helicobacter species in wild rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and Wild Quails (Coturnix coturnix)
Authors: Nunes, Francisco Cortez
Mateus, Teresa Letra
Teixeira, Sílvia
Barradas, Patrícia F.
Gärtner, Fátima
Haesebrouck, Freddy
Amorim, Irina
Keywords: One health
Gastric Helicobacter
Issue Date: 8-Dec-2021
Abstract: Wildlife plays a major role in the maintenance and transmission of multihost pathogens. Several Helicobacter spp. have been described to have zoonotic potential; thus, human, domestic and wild animal interactions deserve more attention. In this study, the presence of the DNA of human pathogenic gastric Helicobacter species was determined in gastric samples collected from wild rabbits and wild quails during the national hunting campaigns in Portugal. Eleven out of the 12 wild rabbits (91.7%) and all six wild quails tested (100%) were PCR positive for one or more gastric Helicobacter species. In both animal species, H. felis, H. bizzozeronii and H. salomonis DNA were detected. In addition to these non-Helicobacter pylori Helicobacter spp. (NHPH), H. pylori DNA was also identified in gizzard samples of wild quails. These findings might indicate that wild rabbits and wild quails may act as reservoirs and contribute to the H. pylori and NHPH environment dissemination, causing both Public Health and One health concerns to arise
ISSN: 2813-0227
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