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Título: Outdoor tourism in the north of Portugal from the perspective of tourist entertainment companies
Autores: Martins, Oliva M. D.
Nunes, Alcina Maria
Vieira, Elvira
Rachão, Susana
Correia, Alexandra I.
Manuel, Fonseca
Silva, Goretti
Santos, Sónia
Veloso, Cláudia Miranda
Ferreira, Fernanda A.
Carrança, Paulo
Fernandes, Paula Odete
Palavras-chave: Outdoor tourism
Tourist entertainment companies
North of Portugal
Sustainable development
Data: 2021
Citação: Martins, O. M. D., Nunes, A. M., Vieira, E., Rachão, S., Correia, A. I., Fonseca, M. J., Silva, G., Santos, S., Veloso, C. M., Ferreira, F. A., Carrança, P., & Fernandes, P. O. (2021). Outdoor tourism in the north of Portugal from the perspective of tourist entertainment companies. European Journal of Applied Business and Management, 7(3), 1-21. https://doi.org/10.58869/EJABM
Resumo: Purpose: Based on the perception of those responsible for Tourist Entertainment Companies (TEC), the objective of the research is to contribute to the characterization of Outdoor Tourism (OT). Methodology: Through 38 individual in-depth interviews, qualitative research was developed with managers of tourist entertainment companies. The interviews were analyzed according to the supply perspective. Demand motivation, nature, climate, seasonality, experiences, and risk were considered relevant aspects. Findings: The interviewees suggested integrating everyone involved in a network to explore the region's potential, support activities and promote the region. The radical experience, adventure, and getting out of the routine, as well as the contact with nature and the landscape, were identified as motivations for the search. Research limitations: Qualitative research through in-depth interviews is suitable for exploring new knowledge and identifying factors and their respective influences. Although this research work, the results showed that demand is mainly from the domestic market and is focused on the period between May and September (school vacations), making it essential to develop an offer suitable for the domestic market. However, the research is limited to the North Region of Portugal, and it brings together the most different needs, desires, and expectations for tourism demand. Practical Implications: The promotion of the activity can be explored through the customers' previous experience. Therefore, the evaluations, testimonials, and word of mouth (WOM), should be added value that can be optimised through social networks and digital marketing. Originality/value: The supply of complementary services can favour the creation of an integrated network and reinforce the supply chain's competitiveness. Besides, since nature is central to the continuity of activities, economic sustainability can be supported by balancing supply and demand, which results in social harmony without damaging the environment.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11960/3346
ISSN: 2183-5594
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