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Title: Mass masstige index: application in wine brands and the importance in restaurant communication
Authors: Rodrigues, Ana Paula
Borges, Ana Pinto
Ramos, Paulo
Vieira, Elvira
Correia, Catarina Alexandra
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: IGI Global
Citation: Rodrigues, P., Borges, A. P., Ramos, P., Vieira, E., & Correia, C. A. (2022). Mass masstige index: application in wine brands and the importance in restaurant communication. In A. P. Borges, A. L. Almeida, E. P. Vieira, R. R. Dias, & P. Rodrigues (Eds.), Gastronomy, hospitality, and the future of the restaurant industry: post-COVID-19 perspective (pp. 208-219). IGI Global.
Abstract: This work intends to obtain for the first time one mass masstige index for wine brands and analyze the importance of that index in the restaurants’ communications. The authors used quantitative research, and information was obtained through a convenience sample of 196 masstige wine brands. The mass masstige index was obtained for a set of wine brands of several countries. The results show that the masstige wine brand index can benefit gastronomic restaurants by having masstige wine brands recognized as top-of-mind brands by tourists. This research fulfills a gap in the tourism literature applying for the first time the masstige theory in wine brands and obtaining a mass masstige index for a set of wine masstige brands. The provider of masstige wine brands in gastronomic restaurants must continue to bet on communication strategies with masstige wine brands as a way to create strong consumer-brand relationships.
ISBN: 9781799891482
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