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Title: Methodological framework for measuring regional logistics performance
Authors: Vieira, Tiago Duarte Silva
Silva, Ângela
Garcia, Jorge
Alves, Wellington
Keywords: Logistics
Regional development
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Slovenian Society Informatika, Section for Operational Research
Citation: Vieira, T. D. S., Silva, A., Garcia, J. E., & Alves, W. (2021). Methodological framework for measuring regional logistics performance. In S. Drobne, L. Z. Stirne, M. K. Borstar, J. Povh, & J. Zerovnik (Eds.), SOR'21 Proceedings : The 16th International Symposium on Operational Research in Slovenia, September 22-24, 2021, Online (pp. 251-256). Slovenian Society Informatika, Section for Operational Research.
Abstract: This research aims to contribute to bridging the gap between the connection of logistics and regional development. Firstly, based on the available literature, the contribution of logistics to socioeconomic development was analyzed, and having in mind the importance of Regional Development for economic and social development, this research brings to the light the importance of logistics activities to regional social development, and framework to assess these connections is proposed. Then a framework comprising a set of indicators to evaluate logistics performance was proposed. As a main result, a framework for the assessment of regional logistics performance is proposed together with several logistics performance indicators to assess the impact of logistics on regional development.
ISBN: 978-961-6165-57-0
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