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2023After COVID-19 lockdown : an exploratory study about the influence of mindfulness-feelings toward an individual's outdoor lifestyle and empowermentBorges, Ana Pinto; Vieira, Elvira; Rodrigues, Paula; Almeida, António Lopes de; Sousa, AnaarticleclosedAccess
2004Análise comparativa regional de Espanha e Portugal: implicações da investigação no desenvolvimento industrial (1995-2001)Vieira, Elvira; Neira, IsabelarticleopenAccess
2006Análisis comparativo del desarrollo humano: la Euro-región Galicia - Norte de Portugal (1995-2002)Vieira, Elvira; Neira, IsabelconferenceObjectopenAccess
2021Audience segmentation and communicating towards a music festival - the NOS Primavera SoundAlmeida, António Lopes de; Vieira, Elvira; Borges, Ana PintoconferenceObjectopenAccess
2021Brand knowledge and satisfaction explained by the attributes of a regional food productBorges, Ana Pinto; Vieira, Elvira; Rodrigues, Paula; Tavares, VictorarticleopenAccess
2018Branding Porto: a case study of the "essence of wine"Borges, Ana Pinto; Vieira, Elvira; Rodrigues, PaulabookPartclosedAccess
2017A competitividade regional externa das NUTS II de Portugal e EspanhaVieira, Elvira; Pereira, Orlando; Gomes, SofiaarticleopenAccess
2018Consumer behavior and its impact in the intention to return to the wine eventTrindade, Alice; Borges, Ana Pinto; Vieira, ElviraconferenceObjectopenAccess
2023Consumers' perceptions of innovation capacity: the role of the services at SMEsMartins, Miguel; Borges, Ana Pinto; Vieira, ElvirabookPartclosedAccess
2020Corporate social responsibility image and emotions for the competitiveness of tourism destinationsRodrigues, Paula; Borges, Ana Paula; Vieira, ElviraarticleclosedAccess
10-Nov-2023Corporate social responsibility of sports clubs : what do supporters think?Tavares, Joana; Borges, Ana Pinto; Vieira, Bruno Miguel; Vieira, Elvira; Rodrigues, PaulaarticleclosedAccess
2021Determinants of tourist expenditure: the role of tourists' experiences in the city of PortoReis, Ana Maria; Vieira, Elvira; Borges, Ana PintoarticleclosedAccess
2023Digital leadership: characteristics, challenges and opportunitiesCarvalho, José; Pires, Henrique; Borges, Ana Pinto; Vieira, Elvira; Monteiro, MárciabookPartclosedAccess
2006Educação e produtividade na Euroregiao Galiza-Norte de Portugal, 1995-2002Vieira, Elvira; Moreira, Maria Cristina; Pereira, Orlando P.articleopenAccess
2003El gasto público educacional en Brasil: un análisis regionalLamedas, Nélida; Vieira, Elvira; Aguayo, EvaconferenceObjectopenAccess
17-Aug-2021Emotional intelligence profile of tourists and its impact on tourismBorges, Ana Pinto; Vieira, Elvira; Lopes, João M.articleopenAccess
2023Enhancing sustainability through non-financial reportingMonteiro, Albertina; Borges, Ana Pinto; Vieira, ElvirabookclosedAccess
2010Entrepreneurship and economic growth in spanish and portuguese regionsVázquez-Rozas, E. Emilia; Gómes, Sofía; Vieira, ElviraarticleopenAccess
2023Estimate tourism model choice for pilgrim in the Way of St. James: the portuguese wayConde, Rosa; Borges, Ana Pinto; Neira, Isabel; Vieira, ElviraarticleopenAccess
4-May-2021Exploring the relationship between the length of stay and various determinants at one of the best european destinationsVieira, Elvira; Borges, Ana Pinto; Rodrigues, PaulaarticleopenAccess